Bruce Martens

Head Coach, Donkey Label Training and Donkey Label Racing

Adherent to a non-linear, person-centered coaching methodology, Bruce has been working with individuals, teams, organizations, and institutions since 2004 to fine tune their approach in order to achieve their goals. Drawing from his vast experience ranging from top administrative roles to boots on the ground day-to-day laborer, Bruce carefully crafts strategies considerate of the biopsychosocial complexities whole-person development demands while collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure every variable is accounted for. It is often quoted by those he has served ``Bruce will never ask anyone to do anything he isn't willing to do or hasn't done himself...`` You can count on Bruce to partner with you, every step of the journey.

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Our mission is to provide an epic, equitable experience for all adventurers; one that offers a variety of challenging group programming with a focus on functional training, exceptional coaching, and impeccable, respectable customer service.

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